Strata is a new initiative from Through the Cracks: Crowdfunding in Journalism to train, consult, to help reporters and storytellers make reporting and storytelling possible. If we get this right, we can change the planet.


Our Story and Vision

A decade ago, after watching newspapers crumble from the inside, founder Khari Johnson decided to stop bitching and start building. Strata is the culmination of study and analysis of crowdfunding in journalism that can’t be found anywhere else with a decade-long interest in media entrepreneurship.



We bring stories to life with

Unique Concepts

Our focus is the crowd but we are equally interested in business models and entrepreneurship. This along with our expertise in reporting, photography and documentaries gives us a unique outlook and knowledge.


We follow dozens of crowdfunding platforms around the world to unearth new and effective techniques, approaches and best practices from reporters and storytellers.

Strategy and Support

We work with professional organizations, entrepreneurs, crowdfunding experts and third party service providers to gather knowledge that helps make storytelling possible.

There are so many communities whose reporting and storytelling needs go unmet today. Storytellers also have an unmet need – the need to find a path to growth. Through the Cracks: Strata helps journalists, photographers and storytellers of all kinds bring stories to life by helping them devise strategy, training and consultation to build a successful venture.

We’re Here to

Spark an Entrepreneurial Revolution

The barrier of entry to start a business is lower than ever. We’re confident that if reporters and storytellers are given the resources they need – or if a way forward is proven possible – that it will forever change our industry and the world at-large.

Bring Underreported Stories to Light

The whole media world has fallen apart. Jobs in decline present a big challenge and leave more communities without coverage and important stories get left out.


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Built by professionals, just for you.

Collectively we have experience creating news startups, running crowdfunding campaigns, mapping media landscapes, and the use of new business models to finance reporting. Many of us have spent our careers deeply immersed in sustainable practices that make storytelling and journalism possible.


The Right Plan For You

Strata was built from the ground up
to provide storytellers with valuable knowledge that helps them make money and can’t be found anywhere else.

Crowdfunding Starter Kit

Get Started

  • 10 ideas that make money
  • Basic best practices
  • FREE campaign or campaign idea review
  • Why studies show that crowdfunding journalism is unlike any other kind of crowdfunding.

Campaign Prep

Per Hour

Get Started

  • Work with a personal assistant to get you ready for campaign launch
  • Deep crowdfunding campaign review including pitch video, perks, etc.
  • FREE crowdfunding campaign prep checklist

The Full Deal

Per Hour

Get Started

  • Intro to crowdfunding
  • Best practices
  • Techniques and tactics
  • Ways media entrepreneurs use crowdfunding to build sustainable businesses
  • Crowdfunding beyond money


Number of countries where we’ve followed crowdfunding stories


Articles published by contributors on four continents

Before Strata came Through the Cracks: Crowdfunding in Journalism, an editorial operation to find the best crowdfunding practices and ideas from reporters and storytellers. Our work to tell this story around the world continues at throughcracks.com

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